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in Roles I Will Cast For Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:03 am
by featherless • 604 Posts

Since this is a later project I will not post the lines all at the same time there will be gaps between them. I would advise
you to read the teasers and try to fill out the characters that you can in them and the storyline. I post off and on when
I can.

If when I being the casting for these roles you are interested you need to make sure you can fill the posted open roles
do not waste my time if you do not fit all of the listed needs. It will make you discredible and I will not want to consider
you in the future. I feel this way, even if you don't like it, if you can't read the need and know you fill them or don't fill
them I will assume you cannot read or are too unintelligent to understand the meaning of the words. I don't cast people
who cannot read!

If you don't speak English at all don't waste my time I will not hire a translator for you don't apply for a job you can't do the
work for it shows a lack of intelligence and wastes my time and my time is limited and valuble.

If when applications start you will turn the correct age for the part within 1 month of the time the filming starts I will allow
you to apply but you will be asked to PROVE your age :)

If you are from outside of the USA and you are a felon you cannot apply the USA will not let you into America and I'm not
going to fly my crew overseas just for one person

If you are a felon in the USA I will consider you so long as you did not commit a violent, sexual or child related crime. I will
not take beaters, violent people, pedophiles or sex offenders even if it is a low rank.

After Arched Wing I will be doing screening drug and alcohol tests. I will screen you randomly during the shoots too so you
better be okay with that! If you are under 21, even from outside of the USA and you are positive for alcohol you are in big
trouble with me and I will not cast you. I will not allow any drugs! If you have a green card do not apply because even with
a green card you will be breaking my no drugs policy. Besides I film mostly in Wyoming and it does not allow green cards
and voids all green cards during the time you are in the state. Being caught with even something small like MJ in Wyoming
is a five year in prison sentence that I will not spare you from I think doing drugs is wrong and I'm a bold honest person
and I don't want a drug user on my set!

I will do background checks so be willing to have one done on you :)

For those who are in the live audition area come in and do a live audition. For those who are not doing a filmed audition
I cast out of state a lot because although it may cost more I don't have to worry about someone calling in at the last min.
because they went out and partied with friends and are drunk

You will have a fraternization contract. If at any point in time you wish to enter into a relationship with a crew member, cast
member or boss and both partners are willing you must sign a contract stating that the owner Katherine Petersdorf cannot
be held in anyway accountable and the productions company will not be held accountable for anything that happens and that
both of you entered into the contract without sexual harassment and that you will not file sexual harassment or having a
lawsuit with Featherless Productions or Katherine Petersdorf for any reason!

You must be 18 or older to do the above. If there is any sex with minors even if they are both minors I putting it in the law's
hands so don't break the law and sleep with minors!

If you smoke you have to tell me before hand or you will get a room that is non-smoking if you get a hotel! I do not like smoking
and I am not going to go out of my way to help you smoke. If you smoke on set you have to be 50 feet from the building
and or location at all time. You CANNOT leave your butts behind when you come back from a smoking break I will ask to see
your butts and I will have a garbage bag for them. If you are under 18 you CANNOT smoke and if I find you smoking I will
turn you in!

You will have to sign a disclosure contract that states you will not share the scripts until I release them same with the books.
Those cast get to read everything even if it is not on the shelves so you can't go around ruining the story. This applies to
pictures from set you have to get an okay from me to post them

You will have to sign a property agreement promising not to take the set pieces, props and materials home. They are ours
so unless they were yours to being with you can't mess with them.

If you are a minor a legal guardian will have to sign an agreement forum. This state’s you understand requirements of the
role and will not hinder your child from performing them. That you will abide by all the rules. You will not undermine the
director and will not tell child different stage direction. That you will not make your child try to steal the spotlight if it is not
their turn. That you will make sure you child is behaved! That the day the actor turns 18 you are kicked off set and if you had
travel covered you are sent home. I only permit a single parent on set and only when they are a child. It costs for each person
I have on set and I don't believe in wasting money.

Legal Guardians must be at each shoot while they have a minor and MUST be within 75 feet of child. If a work permit is needed
the parent must inform the owner they do or do not have one or the fault of their child loosing the job due to being unable
to work is on them. We pay for permits, don't worry :)

Legal Guardians must prove they are the parent of the child.

If you are claiming to be a USA citizen you must be able to prove it, I need proof you are form where you say you are to
get a work VISA if you are not from USA

When you sign up for a contract with more than one movie you sign up for all the movies your role is featured in! I will not
make an exception on it at all. You enter into all of them with the same rate of pay for each and then I will offer you a raise
as each movie comes to the next feature. You cannot ask for more than what I offer and if you don't take what I offer you
are contracted to be stuck at the original pay rate.

If you ask for a payment or get a payment on a non-pay period payment day you have to sign a receipt contract stating
you have your payment, the checks/money orders or whatever are photo copied and saved as proof. You will have to have
two on set witnesses sign as well :) If you want to be paid at the end of each film day ask me and I'll say yes but you have
to ask 45 days in advance for each film date or I will say no and you are contracted to stay on the payment period plan

If you don't come to set you don't get paid!

You only get paid for days you are filming!

I can replace you anytime I want to if you are unable to do the role or get fired

You will have to agree to maintain your appearance. If we get you a cut and color don't lop it all off and dye it pink!

You can do other things so long as they don't conflict with my film dates :)

You cannot do porn or anything illegal while working for Featherless Productions. Now I do not consider doing tasteful
pictures like Maxim porn or tasteful nudes porn but if you are doing something nude ask me about it that is the best
thing to do

I don't mind actors wanting to add things to the contracts, I have for others in the past with Arched Wing but as a warning
I may not say yes to everything and I may reword it from what you have. There are some things I will not negotiate on.
If you ask for something crazy like to be paid for travel days while you are sitting on an airplane it is not going to happen
we pay your travel bill don't ask for more. Anytime you ask for something that is asking for more money expect to get shot
down, just a friendly warning.

I don't mind actors asking for single billing in credits, but don't ask for it on posters and not every actor will get it I can only
offer it so many times and the stars get first dibs.

I don't mind having to tell you about changes in film days so long as you don't ask for more than a 45 day advance notice
And that you know it doesn't apply until after the first film day because getting to that first film day requires changes all
the time

If you are a minor and have to attend high school or lower you get a tutor on set but only if you are a minor!

If you live more than 350 miles from a film location we cover travel for you. Don't up and go I will only travel by plane because
FYI we get to pick the travel and I will not budge on that one a good deal of the time expect the bus, sorry that is the breaks.

If you live less than 350 miles a great example is living outside of Denver and traveling to Laramie WY it is a lot of money to travel just talk with us we can work something out like a short bus ride or gas payment cards.

If you have to stay more than one night we get you a hotel room. Warning you do not get to pick the hotel room and those
who are not minors do not have to share hotel rooms. So don't throw a fit when it is not five star, okay! Also it will only
be paid for you, or for the minor and one parent. No pets and no other family.

If you have a hotel you get a meal card. It is, depending on the amount of time $10-$25 a night and is a gift card or visa
for you to buy food with. We will pick a place that is a good match for the hotel you are at or at least do our best to :)

If you get kicked out of or miss your travel type you are on your own. We will not pay for travel a second time and you STILL have
to be at the shoot

If you get kicked out of your hotel you are on your own finding a place to stay during the film dates and yes you still have
to film!

We have a catering table on set if you are allergic to something tell me so I can make sure we do not have it there. Let's say
you are deathly allergic to peanut butter and you don't tell me and I have peanut butter there I am so not responsible for
what happens because you didn't step up to bat and say I can't get near it! got it?

No pets and No kids (unless they are in movie) I'm only paying for you OR, minor and one parent. Don't give me a but my
boyfriend wants to come it is not going to happen.

If you are over 18 you will not be permitted family. Sorry, life happens. So if family does come along they must pay for their
OWN travel, their OWN hotel, their OWN food and oh yes, they are not given security passes for set so security it's going
to let them come on set.

Do not come to set drunk, hung over or high. That is a good way to get fired.

If two people on set have a conflict bring it to me because if you two start freaking out and causing trouble on set you
will BOTH be canned.

Even if you don't like someone on set tell me hey I don't get along well with them but learn to deal a little. I'll do my best
to buffer and make people get along but in life you often have to deal with people you don't like

Understand that if someone is a big name or is above the title they are going to get some special treatment that you
don't. That is life, that is the breaks and it is going to happen in every acting job you have from now until the day you
die! If you can't handle someone with the bigger part getting a little bit more you shouldn't be in Hollywood, pack your
bags and go home, don't waste my time with petty problems like jealousy.

Also be aware that you are entering into a film business life on TV is rough. You can loose a part for the smallest and
stupidest things sometimes. If you audition I will say sorry you didn't get the part if you are not going to be cast. If you
ask me why I will tell you but I promises you whatever it is you will NOT like it. Casting Directors are rough, brutally honest,
cold hearted and sharp. Deal with it because if you can't take someone pointing out your flaws, telling you that you aren't
good enough and then giving you the cold shoulder you WILL NOT make it in the film world.

Read my casting pet peeves page because if you strike on one of them you can bet you are not getting the job. Sorry it is the
facts, I am the boss not you and get the final say not you. I am brutally honest and straight forward if you don't like it then
don't work for me. I can be a laughing happy go lucky have fun girl but when it comes time to be serious I am scary serious.

If you lie about your clothing size and then I buy costumes and they don't fit I will fire you! I hate when people lie about
their clothing size for a job!

Read the filming in Wyoming Warning list you will need it!

Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
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