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Novel 1-Espresso Opening

in Coffee Teasers Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:23 am
by featherless • 604 Posts

Copyright Katherine Petersdorf

Opening to Novel one in Coffee Girl Series

It seems like women everywhere like to believe in the urban myths about relationships. You know
the myths I am talking about. Fairytales about players settling down and becoming solid husbands.
The happy story about a friend or a friend who meet a millionaire for cocktails and overnight became
a socialite. Or, my personal favorite, the story of a girl who fell in love with a man who only saw her
has a friend with benefits and then decided to marry her because he fell head over heels. My inner
question is why do these myths survive? Is it because women in this era are afraid to face the truth in
life? Could it be that the only way to convince a young woman to hit the dating scene is to enthrall her
into unfounded faith that men can change?

Still, men do not change. If you want to date the most beautiful man at college, be prepared to
discover he doesn’t have eyes for only you. If you fall in love with your humping post, be prepared to spend
the next year trying to win his heart but failing. If a man doesn’t want to introduce you to the friends in his
life, be prepared to always be his dirty little secret.

Of course all myths come from a grain of truth, but they are fabricated from the small truth into
a larger than life story. For example the player did settle down, when the stick had two pink lines, but when
his wife and kids hit the hay, he hits the night club. Thinking about that girl who met a millionaire for cocktails,
well sure she met a rich man, but he wasn’t a stud muffin and Viagra became a mandatory part of dinner.

I guess my biggest question is do you believe in these myths? The answer to the question is almost always
yes, and that is why I have a job. They call me the Coffee Girl. I am a professional match maker who works at a coffee
house on my college campus. I am just like a bar tender who gets an overloaded need for advice from men, only I work
with women.

There is major truth in the saying “I like my men like I like my coffee” because every customer I have from
the Frappe to the Espresso has a satisfying happy ending. How do I do it? Well, instead of seeking out the most handsome
men on campus and lining up free-for-all dates I look at their hearts. The best relationships are not founded in physical
beauty, but instead in sexual attraction with a deeper connection. Sometimes overlooking a man because he has curly
hair, isn’t super rich, or doesn’t drive a sports car is the downfall a woman has. You can’t begin to believe the soft,
passionate touch a man with glasses has. Nor can you imagine the humor, and sexual skills a construction worker has.
After all, they build for a living so they are really good with their hands.

Trust me, let me make you a cup of coffee, download your situation, and I’ll hook you up with Mr. Right.
Or, if you don’t have the time to hit up my place, stop in to my column in the university newspaper, “Coffee Girl”, and
get my personal experience in making a relationship work. Since we all know, those who can do and those who can’t
teach. And, baby, I am one hell of a teacher.

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Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
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